Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Christian Growth and Trees

Christian growth is much like the growth of trees. It is not constant. It comes in spurts and even seems to go away at times.

In the spring the tree grows quickly and puts out buds and new life all around. This is equal to times of joy and vigor in the life of faith.

In the summer the tree settles down to full leafy green beauty. This is the equivalent of the more mature Christian settling down to learn the depth of God's Word.

In the late summer the tree bears fruit. This is seen in the Christian life as the mature Chrsitian bearing the fruits of the spirit.

In the fall the tree is clothed in a glorious colorful display. In the Christian life this is the time of acknowledgement for service done in the church.

In the winter, the tree appears to be dead and not growing. In the Christian life this is the "Dark Night of the Soul". It can feel like faith is gone and God no longer hears prayer. But have no fear, life remains deep within and the roots still carry nutrients! And Spring is around the corner!

Christian growth is not constant at all! We need to rejoice at every stage of the way and not become prideful nor frightful!


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