Saturday, December 16, 2006

Busy Christmas Season

It's been very busy for us. My wife went to the states for an unexpected trip. I had the opportunity to be a single dad for a week. The biggest principle that got me through successfully was knowing that if I had a moment to sit down or to rest something wasn't getting done!

I also had the opportunity to help produce and sing in a choral presentation of selections from Handel's Messiah. I also started co-teaching an evening marriage enrichment class.

By God's grace, we made it through very well. I need to update the Lutheran carnival to read include a reference that I mistakenly deleted. I just have to go back and find a reference to the site, which is giving me some problems right now.

No snow yet. It's been unseasonably warm. But word is there's a cold air mass currently over China of its heading our way and once again severe winter will begin in earnest! The kids are really ready for the snow. Today they were sledding down a hill on the grass.

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