Sunday, April 22, 2007

Lutheran Carnival XLVIII

We had a healthy number of submissions again! (It took me awhile to digest the last carnival—good stuff!) I don't really have a post of my own. I just returned from a quick trip to the states. I always resolve to do a lot of work on the 12-14 hour plane rides but often don't do more than catch up on the in-flight movies! (We miss out on a lot here, it's inconvenient to go to movies so I hadn't yet seen the latest James Bond—fun stuff!)

I planned to do some good blogging but ended up focusing on the tasks at hand. It was a good trip!

I will commend my Good Friday service to your viewing pleasure. The actual conversation with the devil starts about 6 minutes into the video.

Enjoy the Carnival!

Since When Did Divine Service Need an Appetizer?
Don't leave the steak in the freezer! Dan at Necessary Roughness challenges conventional LCMS wisdom that there is a time when a new mission church should only hold Bible studies without participating in actual Divine Service.

The Kingdom of Heaven is Like ...
What does an herb garden have to do with salvation? Heart, Mind, Soul and Strength remembers that Christ portrays the kingdom of heaven like many of the things around us. This is considered as a reminder of creation, a foretaste of heaven, and a blessing on the things around us.

A Trip Down Aardvark Alley
After setting up hosting for Lutheran Carnival XLVII, the Aardvark found plenty of work to do in his congregation but still had time to update the Big Blogroll O' Vark and cobble together a few posts on a various topics. Two of these touched on abortion, and Supremes Singing on the Babies' Side lauded the Supreme Court upholding the federal ban on partial birth abortions. Of course, whenever there's a commemoration from the LCMS calendar, Aardvark Alley tries to make sure we remember it, so we also get to read about Luther's pastor and fellow reformer Johannes Bugenhagen.

Why Aren't Christians Jews? and More!
The Rev. Walter Snyder of Ask the Pastor provided a pair of posts this time. In one, he responded to a person who is being drawn toward the Christian Faith but struggling to comprehend parts of Scripture, particularly the Lord's claim of being A Jealous God. He also examined Christianity, Judaism, and the Scriptures to answer the question Why Aren't Christians Jews?

Be A Saint: Donate To The VA Tech Memorial Fund

jWinters reflects on the Virginia Tech tragedy with a short devotion along with a way for people to act out in sanctification.

The Jesus Three
Nurse Ratched provides a modern parable in an unlikely place and circumstance.

Spotlight on misplaced priorities and how several horror fans revolted against public snuff-movie imagery. Smoking is the least of my concerns. With photo editing lulz.

Talking About Death
Even though we are saved from sin, death, and the devil, Christians can still be uncomfortable when discussing death. Dan uses an Athanasius quote on incarnatus est to illustrate that Christians need not only not fear death but "tread it underfoot as nothing."

Commentary on an Old Favorite!
We were referred to a post at Susan's Pendulum wherein Susan makes the point that the song "This is the Day that the Lord has made" is more than a statement on how good today is.

Aardvark Alley


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Thanx for hosting the carnival despite you being busy!

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Interesting Sermon Pastor Boarts. Thanks for hosting the carnival!

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