Friday, November 24, 2006

Busy Worship Schedule!

I'll have a busy worship schedule the next week! On Sunday I preach at a liturgical format service, then a contemporary format service followed by the Gospel/Inspirational format service. Busy day! But I'm realy looking forward to bringing the word on Christ the King Sunday.

Right now, I'm toying with a theme based on the opening line of a very popular book: "It's not about you." My thesis is: "It's all about you." Consider Matthew 18:12 or Luke 12:5-7 or even Matthew 13:44 (I think a strong case can be made for the man in the parable representing God and the treasure representing us--I mean, if the man represents us and the field is the Kingdom of God, what can we sell to buy the Kingdom? I know the price God paid for me!) There are several other passages along this line.

Now, we do have our sinful flesh and desire with which to contend -- let me be very clear: it's not about your sinful lusts! But it is about you!

I believe this is a very important distinction!



The Terrible Swede said...

Dear Sir:

Are you a military chaplain? What branch?

Is there no Lutheran church for you to attend/serve?

How big is the Lutheran church in Japan?

What synod are you affiliated with?

Thank you.

Matt said...

I am in the Air Force. There is no Lutheran church in this part of Japan. We do have missionaries in Japan. This area is very rural. There are a few Baptist churches in the community that largely serve the base.

I'm with the LCMS. And a member of the Texas District.