Friday, March 09, 2007

Interesting New Book

I am reading the book "Change or Die". I'm not very far along in the book but it seems very interesting. The premise is that people resist normal approaches to change. For example, most heart patients don't change their lifestyle (smoking, eating, exercising) even though the result of their lack of change will be an earlier death.

The author maintains that facts, fear and force don't work as effective motivators of change. This is an accurate assessment!

I'm just getting started in the book and I'll post more as I read further. The book has already been valuable to me as an eloquent description of a common problem. This will help me address the problem in my preaching.

I often find that self-help books are most valuable in describing human maladies. I often disagree with part or all of a solution presented in such a book but the description of the problem really helps me in applying the Gospel to the needs of the people sitting in the pews as I present a sermon.

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