Monday, March 26, 2007

Lutheran Devotional Corner

An excellent site is it has links to a wide variety of Lutheran sermons including text, video and audio.

I am listed there under flash video. It looks like I'm the only one using flash! I like flash because it gives incredible video resolution for a relatively small file size. It's a bit of a pain to code the web page because flash videos don't just automatically play like windows media files!

Here is my most recent sermon:

March 25th

But I think the fact that YouTube uses flash is a good endorsement!

Speaking of YouTube, I found these AFN commercials there recently. These are examples of the commercials we get overseas. They are locally produced. I can't say that I miss regular commercials—these can be fun sometimes!

I think it helps the kids remember to be diligent in washing their hands! My 7 year old laughs every time he sees these! (I had the distinct honor of meeting Mr. Soapy. I host a weekly radio show at AFN and Mr. Soapy lived in the studio for a few weeks back when the episodes were filming!)

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