Friday, April 06, 2007

Prayer Cards

I have recently added prayer cards to my ministry arsenal.

I give credit for the idea to Kelly Klages at her blog Confessional Lutheran Ecclesiastical Art Resources and this post: A Wierd Little Collection of Mine

One of the cards she previews on that blog is St. Patrick's prayer. Here is an example of a copy of that prayer in use in Iraq!

The person wearing the vest survived a shot to the chest. The doc asks, "was it the vest or the prayer that stopped the bullet?"

I hope someone develops the kind of cards about which Kelly blogged.

I found some cards with scripture verses and short meditative thoughts. I have been sharing them with our Airmen. I had a great opportunity recently. In an exercise we were waiting for hours for a fictitious plane. We couldn't wait for it to "arrive" for then we could go home and rest. (Some people had been working over 18 hours at that point.)

When the time came for us to go, the "airplane" was simulated "delayed" four hours! That's just my luck--I can't even have an imaginary flight leave on time!

In the midst of all that I was sharing my prayer cards. Everyone was tired and even a bit irritable! I found most people simply put the cards in their pockets (hopefully for future reference!) So I decided to take another approach. I began reading them out loud to a fellow chaplain and engaged him in spiritual conversation.

Before long, the people around us overheard our discussion and joined us asking questions about the Bible, faith, etc.

I always like it when people ask spiritual questions because I can then witness to them in a meaningful way.

Catholics have areally a powerful tool as they have a wide variety of this type of card. I'd love to see some distinctly Lutheran cards!

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