Friday, December 23, 2005

Holidays and Christmas

Perhaps I'm not Christian politically correct on this issue!

I find the Christian backlash against stores for dropping "Christmas" ironic. How long have Christians lamented the commercialization of Christmas? Now, when the stores want to move away from Christmas, some Christians get even more upset!

I'd rather have a store prevent their employees from saying "Merry Christmas" and then let those employees attend worship on Christmas, Sunday, and other occasions. Many, if not most, companies do not take a persons worship schedule into consideration when composing work schedules.

Where's the "Merry" when you're working on Christmas! For that matter, where's the "Happy" when you're working on the holidays!

Probably the only national company I've seen with sensitivity here is Chick-filet. They are closed on Sunday--to allow their employees a day off and to worship if they choose...what a concept!

I suppose the motivation of the stores isn't the best. But, hey, let's let them drop Christmas! Then the church can once again define the meaning of Christmas. As it is, I think the people upset about stores dropping Christmas are sending the message that Christmas may only be found in stores!

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